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As a team representative it is your responsibility to know the league and SPN rules. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to clarify a rule please do not hesitate to contact Scott Carefoot (SPN Alberta-Provincial Coordinator) scott@lcmsp.com

Scott is happy to help bring clarity and understanding to the SPN rules for both your enjoyment and the enjoyment of the game.

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Leduc Competitive Mixed Slo Pitch league is to promote a safe social environment where all participants uphold the ideals of sportsmanship and compete in the spirit of fair play, while promoting healthy, active living for members of the community.

  1. LCMSP follows SPN 2018 rules for illegal bats 
  2.  No metal spikes
  3. Any starting player may be withdrawn and re-enter once, provided the player occupies the same batting position in the lineup.
  4. Home team for the first game is the first team listed on the schedule. The home team of the first game will supply a new ball and a good backup ball that will be used for BOTH games.
  5. There must be a minimum of nine (9) players on the field at all times. Four (4) of these players must be female. If there are only nine (9) players, the tenth (10th) lineup spot is an automatic out.
    • For the first two weeks of the season there will be a time limit. The 2nd game must start by 7:30pm, if the 2nd game starts after 7:30pm the game will be a 5 inning game. (This rule is in effect until May 7th, 2018)
    • In the event of darkness, five (5) innings will constitute a complete game. If the second game cannot be played due to darkness, weather or diamond availability, teams can reschedule or declare a tie game. In either event both teams must agree upon results.
    • Men will hit an 12″ ball while ladies will have the option to hit a 11″ or 12″ ball. There is no outfielder respect line.
    • The area adjacent to the strike mat, within which the batter takes his position when it is his/her turn at bat. Prior to the pitch the batter must place 1 foot on the ground anywhere in the batters area, not more than 3 feet from the side edge of the strike mat. When striking the ball at the front of the strike mat, the trailing foot cannot be completely forward of the front edge of the strike mat. When striking the ball at the back of the strike mate, the lead foot cannot be completely behind the back edge of the strike mat.
    • The batting order does not need to alternate guy, girl. It is wide open
    • A maximum of 12 players may be in the batting order at any time; if the batting order consists of 12 batters the order must be a maximum of 7 males. A team may choose to bat with 10 or 11 batters.
    • The +3 home run rule will be in effect. This means that at no time during the game may one team have an excess of more than 3 home runs than their opponent. Any home runs hit over the fence beyond +3, results in the batter being out. A ball that hits a the defensive player (glove, head or otherwise) and then goes over the is not considered a home run, but rather a 4 bag award, and will not be added to the home run count. In the park home runs will not be included in the home run count either.
    • If a home run is hit, the team who has hit the home run must return the ball to the game before the next inning begins, or the runs will not count.
    • Pinch runners are allowed however, all batters must run from home to 1st base (no pinch runners from home plate). As per SPN rule, a base runner may be used a maximum of three times per game.
    • There is no anticipation of the swing, leading off is not allowed and the runner will be called out.
    • A commitment line placed twenty (20) feet from home plate will be used. As the runner crosses the commitment line all play at home become a force. The catcher will use the strike mat and the runner will need to cross the line parallel to the front corner of the strike mat. Any runner touching the mat will be called out. A tag between the commitment line and the safe line at home is allowed.
    • The seven (7) run rule is in effect for all innings, except the final inning is unlimited.
    • Mercy Rule is in effect. If a team is ahead by ten (10) runes or more at the end of the fifth (5th) or sixth (6th) inning, the game is over.
    • The pitched ball must have a minimum arc of six (6) feet with there being a maximum of twelve (12) feet. If the pitch is not within the 6-12 zone, the pitched ball shall be called a ball. The pitched ball must hit part of the strike mat to be considered a strike.
    • Each team must designate an umpire for their turn at bat. The umpire may play and switch duties while their team is at bat. Non player umpires may be used although both teams must agree to use the aforementioned umpire.
    • The international walk rule is in effect. Four (4) balls in a row to a male batter with no strikes in the count, the male batter will advance to second (2nd) base when followed by a female batter. The female batter must then take her turn at bat.
    • A team will forfeit when the diamonds are playable and cannot field a rostered team.
    • Games WILL NOT be rescheduled if diamonds are playable.
    • The score will be submitted as 10-0.
    • All games will be considered playable unless teams are notified by a league official that the diamonds have been shut down by the city. Unless notified by league officials both teams are expected to show up ready to play.
    • If diamonds are shut down and deemed not usable, the team captain will be notified. Notifications will also be sent through the leagues Facebook page, email or text message as well as posted on the city of Leduc website. We encourage all team reps to sign up for automatic field conditions report through the leagues website.
    • In the event of rained out games, the game will be rescheduled on a night that does not conflict with either team’s league schedule. Personal schedules will not be accounted for.



    Teams and individual players must conduct themselves in a way that the league deems fitting of promoting a safe social environment where all participants uphold the ideals of sportsmanship and compete in the spirit of fair play. Failure of conduct fitting will result in an in person hearing with league executive. A vote will be cast to expel the team/person from the league. The voting committee will consist of one representative for each team within the division of the team/ rostered player in question as well as five of eight league executives (the meeting will be chaired by the league president of vice president).  A team/ rostered player will be expelled from the league with an eighty (80%) percent vote.  The expelled team/ rostered player will receive absolutely no compensation. All questions or concerns regarding conduct and games can be directed to the league president or vice-president.

    • All players must be on a SPN roster to participate in in the Leduc Competitive Mixed Slo Pitch League. Maximum of 24 players on roster.
    • A league player can be listed on ONLY ONE league team’s roster; however use of league players listed on another team’s roster is fine for regular season games.
    • A player can only be on one team in the leagues year end tournament.
    • Once a player is registered to a team’s roster, that player cannot be removed from the team’s roster to make more room for additional players. (The only exception is if a player is on more than one roster)
    • If a player is found not to be registered on any league teams roster, for example could be using an unregistered/ un-rostered player, the team may result in being forced to forfeit those games.


  • (It is extremely easy to add a player to your roster. It can be completed on your smart phone from the diamonds.)
    • Players can be added to a team’s roster through the league web-site (http://lcmsp.com/league-info/roster-addition-form/.) If the form is not submitted by the deadline, that player will not be added to your team’s roster. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Deadline to finalize roster will be the same deadline to purchase social tickets (July 9th)

All rules as per SPN 2018 except as amended above.


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