General League Information

DIAMONDS:  All games are played at LEDE #2, LEDE #3, LEDE #4 & LEDE #7. The anticipated start date is April, 25th, 2016.

ENTRY FEE AND TEAM ROSTER:  $ 1250.00 per team.  The entry fee includes ten (10) tickets per team to the year-end social (July 23rd, 2016), game balls, score book and umpired league end tournament. The year-end social will take place at the LRC field house.

PERFORMANCE BOND: Teams will be required to provide a $200 performance bond each season. The criteria to have the performance bond returned at the end of the season will require successful fulfillment of:

  1. A rostered team attendance to the LCMSP Year-End tournament.
  2. Fulfillment of 1 performance bond task which your team will be given an opportunity to sign up for.
  3. Attendance from 1 member of your team to the LCMSP pre-season rules review night (April 22nd, 2015)
  4. Providing a $50.00 year end door prize to the LCMSP year-end social (if your team is in attendance).

HOME TEAM: The home team for the first game is the first team listed on the schedule. The home team of the first game will supply a new ball and a good backup ball that will be used for BOTH games.

GAMES:  Double headers will be played each night. First pitch is @ 6:30 p.m. Defaults will be declared at 6:45 p.m. for the first game and 7:00 p.m. for the second game. Friday games will be played on LEDE #4. The first pitch is @ 6:00p.m. With Friday night lights to commence at 8:30 p.m.

UMPIRES/ SELF UMPIRED GAMES:  Each team must designate a minimum one knowledgeable umpire for each game.  Umpires may play and switch duties while their team is at bat.  There should be one plate ump and one base ump.  If no base ump is used this must be decided and agreed upon by both teams.  Non player umpires may be used if both teams agree.

BASILE’S FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER: League games are scheduled on diamonds #1 thru #7 commencing at 6:30, 24 league teams will be scheduled on this exciting night. For this special evening the league will be hosting a beer gardens and the concession will be open. Teams are encouraged to purchase all their refreshments from the beer gardens for the evening; as all proceeds raised will be used for more prizes for league participants.

More details to come….

GAME RESULTS: The winner of the first game played of the double header will be required to submit the scores for both games to Tie games will remain as a tie.

RAIN-OUTS: All games will be considered playable unless teams are notified by a league official that the diamonds have been shut down by the city. Unless notified by league officials both teams are expected to show up ready to play.

  • If diamonds are shut down and deemed not usable, the team captain will be notified. Notifications will also be sent through the leagues Facebook page, email or text message as well as posted on the city of Leduc website. We encourage all team reps to sign up for automatic field conditions report through the leagues website.
  • In the event of rained out games, the game will be rescheduled on a night that does not conflict with either team’s league schedule. Personal schedules will not be accounted for.


LEAGUE SPONSORED CHARITY: As part of our commitment to being a community driven local user group within the city of Leduc, the LCMSP league uses our league hosted events to raise funds for our local charity. The charity of choice is the Leduc chapter of The Canadian Tire Kids Jump Start Program. To date over the past two seasons LCMSP has raised over $5000.00.

YEAR END TOURNAMENT: The year-end tournament is always held on the weekend prior to August long weekend (July 24th-26th), which starts on Friday through, to Sunday.

YEAR END SOCIAL: The season wrap up party is held on the Saturday night of our year-end tournament weekend at the LRC Fieldhouse. This event is a catered dinner, DJ, and plenty of door prize giveaways. Final attendance numbers per team is due two weeks prior to the event (July 9th). As part of the event each team is responsible to bring one $50.00 door prize.

  • Cocktails at 5:30pm
  • Early Bird Prizes drawn at 6:15pm
  • Dinner at 6:30pm
  • Speeches and dance to follow
  • Free weekend camping

SPORTSMANSHIP:  Teams and individual players must conduct themselves in a way that the league deems fitting of promoting a safe social environment where all participants uphold the ideals of sportsmanship and compete in the spirit of fair play. Failure of conduct fitting will result in an in person hearing with league executive. A vote will be cast to expel the team/person from the league. The voting committee will consist of one representative for each team within the division of the team/ rostered player in question as well as five of eight league executives (the meeting will be chaired by the league president of vice president).  A team/ rostered player will be expelled from the league with an eighty (80%) percent vote.  The expelled team/ rostered player will receive absolutely no compensation.  All questions or concerns regarding conduct and games can be directed to the league president or vice-president.

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